HUGE LOT High Quality Parts for Sale - Large Endlighten Sheet - Theia Lens - Wide Angle Lenses - Firefly MV Cameras - PS3 Cameras-
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I have a available a number of high quality items perfect for DIY touch tables that I wanted to give members of this forum a chance to purchase first.

---Endlighten T---


41” x 26.25”
10mm thick
Polished Edges
Like new condition!

---Firefly MV---

$150 each or $700 for all 6

Six (6) Cameras for sale!
Will include at least 4 850nm filters
Can be synchronized w/ trigger
Can use to stitch into one image

---PS Eye---

$50 for the Peau Productions Case and Camera

$25 for the 3D Printed Acrylic Case and Camera

Two (2) Cameras for sale
Comes with a case (Two choices):
-1) Magnetic Peau Productions Case
-2) Acrylic custom case
Will include a M12 to CS mount
Can use to stitch into one image (using CL Eye driver)

---Theia SY110M---


1.7mm EXTREMELY wide angle
This lens has NO DISTORTION

---Adjustable Angle Lens---


2.8mm to 12mm M12 Lens

---Wide Angle Lenses---

$25 for each set of 4

4x 2.8mm M12 Lenses
4x 2.1mm M12 Lenses

To buy all of the above new would put you back north of $2,000.00. This is a great opportunity to pick up some good items for good prices.

Buyer pays price above and shipping. While I’m willing to part with pieces of the above list, this lot would best serve someone who wants an easy and fast way to get started on a very high quality touch table. And because of that, anyone who wants the entire lot gets a HUGE discount:

$800 for the entire lot!

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