Kinect for Windows v2 will be enough for making bigger touch screen? 
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I would like to create an interactive installation with Kinect v2 for Windows . I have a question concerning about accuracy of Kinect . The project will be touch screen on plexiglass ( see picture).

For Ex: People will be inside dark room with plexiglass ( size of about 200cm to 200cm ) with rear projection . They will see some buttons on plexiglass (it will be projection) and when they click on button sound system will generate sound files .

My question is if Kinect v2 will be enough for this to build a touch Plexiglas touchable screen or will be insufficient and I should think to add additional sensors ?

I think I will try to code that in Processing but maybe you can give me better advices?

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if you want to use backprojection you can use LLP too but for that big screen you ,must use 2 or 4 cameras,i have tested kinect V1 for Xbox 3 years ago well ,it wasn’t accurate for my 50” size screen and i had installed kinect on top with a little angle but maybe i was wrong because i didn’t spent much time to test it more
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