How can I eliminate/reduce Daylight effect? 
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In my DSI setup I noticed I can still see video stream using my PS3Eye camera with IR filter when IR LEDs are turned-off. I can still see objects but they are a little darker than when I turn-on IR LEDs.

Attached you will find two images: one with ALL fiducial markers detected (here I have IR LEDs turned on), and one with IR LEDs turned off.

Yes, images were taken in the morning with some day light coming in from a window. I ask because my setup always has to be re-calibrated when I take it anywhere. It is never stable!

Here is my setup:

- 38”x38” Acrylite EndLighten (colorless 0N003 XXL - 0.315” thickness) sheet from Acrylite-Shop
- LED strip of 850nm IR LEDs from EnvironmentalLights
- PS3 camera with:
--> Theia SY125M 1.3 mm 122 Degree FOV CS Lens from PEAUProductions
--> 850nm Filter from PEAUProductions

Image Attachments
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What filter are you using? Projectors can give off IR light, just not as strong as the leds. Also, daylight is IR light. Unless you keep to dark rooms you will most likely need to calibrate for the different lighting environments.

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im not expert but i guess the main problem here is that your surface is letting pass too much IR light from the outside (enviroment) ,
try using one more layer of whathever material you are using or get one that blocks more light

then you will also need to get a lot more IR leds so it can illuminate your fiducials trhought the new material.

at least thats what i would try besides playing with the threshold in the software.