1km-20km Distance Fiber Testing with Fiber Optic Visual Fault Detector
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I have tried a lot of fiber testing tool, but I just want to share my experience of fiber testing work with a Berlinlasers fiber optic visual fault detector. This is very simple with red laser pointer, but it is mainly workable for specialized search for required fiber barrier, fiber optic connector inspection, fiber tracing and others. Once fiber constructors are press on/off button on fiber optic detector, it begins to generate a highly bright red laser beam, thus support various working distances fiber testing work.

The selection of fiber optic detector always gets a wide selection of output power from 1mW to 20mW. As a result, it always workable for different working distances. The longest fiber testing distance can reach as long as 20 kilometers after selecting 20mW output power. This fiber testing red laser pen is in good appearance, very simple to carry and operate.

Fiber testing tool always gets continuous wavelength and pulse operation mode. According to easy connection with universal connector of ST/SC/FC fiber connector, this fiber optic detector is always workable for single mode and multimode fiber optics.

Technical Data:
Name: Berlinlasers Fiber Optic Visual Fault Detector
Output power: 1mW-20mW
Laser Class: II/IIIa
Wavelength: 650nm
Power Supply: 2 pcs AAA batteries
Serving lifetime: up 8,000 hours