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As you may know, spotlights lighting brightness is very high, the color is good, its point of light, gloss, shadow and material sense of the performance is very strong, and spotlights beautiful appearance. Therefore it is more used to do on stage and showrooms display lights, lighting heighten the atmosphere. It is being widely used in jewelry, the jewelry industry lighting.
    However, a good dimming spotlight really good find it? The answer is no.

    The reason is spotlights that the internal volume small, so developing a linearly dimming, thermal performance, no flashing driver becomes very difficult.
      The good news is that after a year of study time. Our company has the perfect solution to these difficulties. Long life, no flashing and compatible with electronic transformers spotlights mr16 has been completed.
    Advantages of this product
SCR dimming spotlight MR16: power have 5W, 7W, 9W.
① When conventional MR16 can use, but also when using compatible electronic transformer MR16;
② high stability, SCR dimmers, electronic transformers work under 180VAC-265VAC situation, MR16 can work, no flicker, the output waveform was a steady straight line;
③ extensive Compatibility: Compatible with the majority of the market dimmers, electronic transformers;
④ high luminous efficiency: Pure lamps (excluding dimmer, electronic transformer losses) light efficiency approaching 90 lumens per watt;
⑤ adjust the lighting is good: smooth dimming, no mutation, no flicker, brightness by dimming range linear change;
⑥ dimming ratio: 1% - 100%;
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Double tube Integrated Lamp,Beautiful appearance, large emitting area, high brightness, easy installation.