‘Mirroring’ IR signal
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I’m trying to design a slim LCD table and while I got rid of the short throw projector distance by opting for an LCD, the issue with the limited coverage of the IR camera due to the short distance remains. Since only the height of table is crucial, I can have the table ‘as long as I want’ and so was looking into increasing the distance using mirrors. I assume the mirror has to be the same size as the monitor/display to capture all the IR signal but do any subsequent mirrors need to be the same size?

In the schematic, do mirror A and B have to be the same size as the monitor? When calculating the distance required for the ps3 eye camera to achieve x by y coverage, how is this height calculated when you are using mirrors?


PS. Still undecided as to whether I will be going for FTIR or rear DI/DSI.

Am I correct to say that the first schematic does not make sense since the height for the IR camera coverage is still the height of the table? Schematic 2 I think is more correct and makes more sense?

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