Need your help: masterthesis DSI-set-up
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For my masterthesis, I will make and test a vertical tangible DSI set-up which allows fiducial tracking without an enclosed box. The screen size is normally 1500x844mm. But because of the costs I will test it with a smaller size of 1000x563mm. Because of the vertical position of the screen, the objects with the fiducials on will encounter gravity. That’s why I want to work with little magnets in the objects. Because the panel has to be semi-transparant, I will work with an extra foil with metal mesh in.

The materials I will use for my DSI set-up:

- Endlighten Plexiglas —> PLEXIGLAS® LED (EndLighten T), sheet, Clear 0E013 XXL —> thickness = 10mm, size = 1000x563mm —> €119,73 ($product=kd35f743jeh~p&comeFrom=detail&$category=e05pqpl8s5f)
- Projection screen (semi-transparant) —> For test I will use tracing paper, or do you have another cheap suggestion?
- Protective layer —> PLEXIGLAS® Optical, sheet, Clear 0A570 HC —> thickness = 3mm, size = 980x543 —> €32,99 ($product=1yitwkhx3va~p&comeFrom=detail&$category=4f8kuxsd74k)
- Metal foil ( —> One from this site, but I’m not sure which one yet. If you can advise me a good choice or alternative, I’d like to hear it.)
- LED-strips (Infrared 850nm 5050 LED Strip Light, 10mm wide, 5m reel —> €192 (

I have a projector and infrared camera (inclusive bandpass filter) available. So I don’t need to purchase that. Do you think this are good options? Or do you advise me something else?

I’m looking forward to your reply!

Thanks in Advance!