Multi Touch / Fiducials for Business Use
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Hi there,

I am new to the group and am learning about NUI’s for integration in my business. I run a small Insurance agency. I know, its odd to have an insurance agent posting to a tech forum. But as many of you reading this already know, insurance agents and agencies are getting a lot of competition through direct sellers like Geico and Progressive. These companies can offer much lower rates than companies like State Farm, Allstate, etc because they have very little overhead dedicated to paying agents, staff, marketing and advertising locally, print ads, and marketing subsidies that traditional “brick and mortar” model companies pay out annually. Instead, they have some really cool and engaging apps, and services they provide to put the customer in the drivers seat, allowing them total control of their coverage, and premium through their smartphones and tablets. The company I work with is working on lowering the rates, but I think there is a lesson to be learned from the tech side of the problem. Customers do not want to interface with their agents like they did 20 years ago...and even then it was not a burning desire, but there were no real alternatives. Now, a customer can pay a bill, add coverage to a new vehicle, and get a homeowners quote in 10 minutes on their phone...and they have control over the coverage and prices they pay for the coverage. Traditional companies, particularly the company I work for, have very little in the way of mobile based technology to provide their customers, and the ones they do provide are usually just front ends for their company website. Any change or quote they request gets sent to my agency in an email and ultimately does not give them the control they desire. companies that are sticking with the agent and agency business model going forward are sort of lost as to what to do. plan is to incorporate some hardware and software at the agency that will allow a customer to view and interact with their insurance. The plan is to assign every household, or account, a Fiducial. Then we will attach that unique marker to the account in the CRM software we use and develop either a COMM script or java to attach that fiducial to their Declarations pages, billing documents, Insurance cards, etc. If a customer comes into the office to talk about their policy they can sit at the table and place their document on the table, and it will pull up their account, their policies, allow them to view and change their coverages and get pricing for those changes. There will also be some video content that will play if they have a question about the coverage by clicking the “I” or information icon next to the coverage limit. Pretty cool, eh? Well, as you know...the idea is the easy part. I have an idea of the assembly I want to go with, but I have a few questions before picking a direction to go in.


There are only 216 unique amoeba fiducuals available in the library. I have almost 3,000 customers in my agency.


1. Are there more fiducials available that I am not aware of?
2. Can you use a simple unique MPC bar code instead?
3. If Fiducials are needed, could I somehow have a 2 fiducial ID, and have one camera purposed to reading and transmitting fiducial A, the other reading and transmitting fiducial B?
4. Is there a minimum size the fiducial must be in order for it to be picked up and interpreted by the camera? 
5. Can I use a fiducial to trigger a COMM script? The customer info is sent to the agency via VPN, encrypted, obviously, so a series of non-invasive, non-admin level commands would need to be executed, keystrokes entered, and sent through IE10 as though it were being controlled by an admitted staff person. Company will not grant access to the raw data so it has to be done this way.

I know this is a lot and some of this may be a bit dumb...but it is a beginners forum so what the hell. Thanks so much in advance for your responses or suggestions.


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