randomizing a quiz
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Hello guys, glad to be here
Sometime ago and i worked on a quiz app for my school work and I thought its over until recently it resurfaced again with in a different dimension. I am required to add a different set of functionalities which i have been battling with for a long time and deadline is very near. I would appreciate it if i could get some answers here.

the things i am asked to make it do are;

1, randomize the quiz. it can contain any number of question but must be able to choose within the range of questions
2, must not repeat any question
3, must sync or work with the timer and score
4, when all questions are answered, or time is up, it should take you to the end page showing total score
5, it must have the ability to goto back to the previously answered random question, with the back button
6, i am also needed to create a section to review the answered quiz with the right and wrong answers.

I would appreciate it if i could get answers to all the questions. i have attached the .fla file below for your review.