Interactive Floor Calibration Issue
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Hi everyone,
I am having a problem with my interactive floor setup that I built for demoing some effects. I am using a PT Grey Chameleon camera with a Tamron wide angle lens + IR filter. My setup also has a mirror (as shown on the drawings).
The thing is that when I first run ccv (1.5), the raw camera image was big enough to see almost the entire room. After calibration ccv resizes the image to the measures of the interactive floor area (so far so good), but after calibration the camera image is as big as the interactive area, but it is about half a meter off. This also causes the blobs to appear half a meter away. (Have a look at the drawings that I have attached to get a better understanding.).  Does anybody have any ideas what is causing this or what am I doing wrong? I used a lighter and a flashlight to do the calibration.

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