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Hi All,

We recently opened a supplying unit of Multi-touch Surface parts supplying unit in Mumbai, India

It’s a small side business of ours and we have got every single part you need to build your own multi-touch surface

Ir Led’s (780nm, 880nm, 940nm and more..,emission angle-12,22)

Infrared camera (Built in 780nm ir led’s)

Circuit board for Ir led

Acrylic Sheets (any size)

Ready made Compliant layer (Vellum+silicon)

On order-wooden frames (In Mumbai and Pune only)

Aluminium Bracket (Available in all shapes and sizes-C,U,L)

Infrared camera lenses (available in all sizes)

Hardware-(Graphic card for better emission of apps and processors for fast and lag free experience.At best prices)
Graphic Card+
Led projectors
Clustered Ir led emitters (Rear di)
Projection screen (vellum,rosco green)
And more......

Whole multitouch solution now in INDIA!

Contact us on
Cash on delivery available (only in Mumbai & Pune)

Payment method-online bank transfer

Added thank you note if ordered place in first 7 days..
Assured customer satisfaction. Its our guarantee.. (Y)
:D smile

Conditions apply*

Sarfaraz Memon

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