CNC Milling Machine – BUYER’s GUIDE
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If you already know milling machine and just want to seek buying tips, you can visit the chapter – things to consider when choosing a milling machine, and chapter – a short list of milling machine manufacturers.

Milling is referred to a metal cutting process, it uses spinning mill cutters to cut off the layer of raw surface of a metal component, for the purpose of obtaining a finished component of desired sizes and accuracy. A milling machine is the machine that carries out such milling process, a CNC milling machine is a machine controlled and operated by a CNC system – computer numerical control system. In simple words, a CNC milling machine is a computer controlled, programmable milling machine.

For a CNC mill to work, it needs the essential elements in place: 1) the mill machine; 2) CNC control; 3) the milling cutters (tools); 4) workpiece (the component to be cut, or machined, or milled); 5) fixtures to fix the workpiece on the milling table. Each of the elements is a system itself and consists its own parts or sub systems. Besides, human resources are require to program the milling processes in CNC, and operate and monitor the machine in operation. The CNC can and will programmably control the machine moving (more precisely, feeding), tool changing, coolant applying, chip conveying etc to complete the milling process.

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