Upgrading a Surface 2 / SUR40
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First time poster!  Although I’ve used the NUI forum for tons of info and inspiration over the years.  Thank you all!

I recently acquired a Microsoft Surface 2 / Samsung SUR40, and am looking to build a bunch of cool apps for my family to use, enjoy, and learn.  The old-ish dependencies and development environment aside, I’ve run into a snag; the SUR40 built-in computer is pretty slow these days.  Thus, I am looking for a way to dramatically speed up the computer, and hopefully improve the overall user experience.

So far I’ve come up with a few upgrade options, but I wanted to see what everyone thought.  One option needs a lot more info.

1) Upgrade the hard drive - Obviously, in addition to an old cpu, the traditional hard drive is probably not idea.  An upgrade to a newer SSD should help some.

2) Use an external computer - I figure theoretically, the built-in computer could be used to send touches over a network to another, faster computer, and then switch the input of the Surface to the HDMI output of that newer computer.  My main concern here is latency of touches.

3) Upgrade the internal computer - Yes, the internal motherboard is proprietary, but I’ve done a bunch of research and it seems that all but one of the connectors on the MB to other components in the SUR40 are standard or can be easily adapted.  The one unknown connector probably has pins for USB, but I can’t figure out what the rest of the pins in the connector do.  This is where I’d need help.

For this last option, I have notes and photographs of the internals, if anyone is interested helping me to explore.


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