Limit number of Blobs in Touchlib? 
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I was wondering if I could somehow limit the number of Blobs that get transfered over the TUIO Protocol.
I only need two or four Blobs (or Coordinates) for my project. I was figuring that I could have a better
Performance and maybe robustness..

I really want to use Flash for my Project, but I can´t work with as3, rather as2. The problem is that as2 is
somewhat slower when dealing with incoming Data (XML->TUIO Data), and I figured that only using two or four
blobs would make this possible. Any Ideas, on how to accomplish this?

I know flash sucks for this, but I´m no coder :(


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first of all you should limit your number of blobs because of your lack of programming skills, that’s just my point of view

furthermore if you really want to accomplish that, just use 2 or 4 fingers instead of 10, so only 2/4 get passed through