NEWS:  Classrooms to have multi-touch tables in the future
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Quotes from News article:
“The new desk with a ‘multi-touch’ surface will be the central component; the desks will be networked and linked to a main smartboard offering new opportunities for teaching and collaboration. Several students will be able to work together at a desk as the desks allow simultaneous screen contact by multiple users using fingers or pens. Durham researchers want to create a ‘natural way’ for students to use computers in class. The system encourages collaboration between students and teachers, and a move away from teacher-centric learning”

“Our vision is that every desk in school in 10 years time will be interactive. IT in schools is an exciting prospect — our system is very similar to the type of interface shown as a vision of the future in the TV series Star Trek! We can now by-pass the ‘move-to-use’ whiteboard. The new desk can be both a screen and a keyboard, it can act like a multi-touch whiteboard and several students can use it at once. It offers fantastic scope for more participative teaching and learning”


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Congrats. Is it just me or can we not go a month without Engadget putting up a new multi-touch story?


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