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Hello all

I am wanting to get into making my own MT apps, and i have messed around some before in python, so i figured i would use python to program with, especially since there were many people who say its a pretty easy language to start programing with. Anyways, I found xelaponds post about getting into developing MT apps, and one of the needed packages was TouchPy. I was wondering where and how i could get TouchPy. Im not quite sure what files i need, or even how to get them into python. i am really new to this, so any help would be awesome!

Thanks so much guys!

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TouchPy can be found:


If you have any further questions I’m usually on IRC after four on weekdays, and I am happy to help anyone with Multi-Touch and Python!


I am more then willing to to test your Multi-Touch programs on Linux, PM me if you have something.  If you’re looking for something faster then AS3 and Easier then C, try Python!

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