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I added this feature a bit ago which is very useful for viewing exactly where users are clicking our community website.

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You can download and install on your own website here:

Also there is a very interesting pay service that offers similar that I have considered buying for the community:

Really the same thing can apply to multi-touch software where as we would have to log each touch or gesture event and then render the collected data like clickheat does (I’m sure M$ is doing this already)

What could we do with this data?

Would be interesting to see a real-time version… smile

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I saw this clickheat button a while back. Thought it was really interesting. I think this will be pretty useful for gestures on tables. Then you can see what are the common mistakes people make when drawing a gesture, or to see what gestures are difficult to make.

What’s nice is that you can easily see what features are not popular and move it somewhere else, or replace it with something that could be more popular.


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I think it could be also used to enhance the maintenance of the MT displays. You can follow the most used places on the screen and so to follow the abrasion (scratches etc.) on these places.
What do you think?


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