Multi-tool support for Multi-touch with RFID
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We just finished our multi-touch and RFID setup. The idea is a segmented multi-touch display. The screen is segmented into multiple areas each of which has its own antenna. The antenna is below the plexiglas and made of 0.1mm wire. This is roughly 8 times more then the horizontal dampening wire found in Trinitron screens. As a side note, the 0.1mm is not a physical minimum but rather a realization/sanity reason. In theory the wire for the antenna could be even smaller.
Unfortunately the only reasonably priced plexiglas we could find was a 20*30cm which made it unrealistic to use rear-projection on it. And also very hard to put the antenna into it. It was also not very helpful that we only had 3 weeks for realization smile A more detailed description will follow later.

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A multi tool is a versatile piece of equipment that has many valuable uses in the field or in a survival scenario. If you were boiling a can of water, you could use the pliers to grab hold of it without burning your hand. The pliers on a multi tool will be used more than you think in the field or on a camping trip. You can take the hook out of a fish. In a survial scenario, the wire cutters can snip the snare wire for you. The screwdriver can be used to repair other gear or equiment. And of course the knives have multiple uses as well.


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