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CCV PS3 Eye Test Version - Please help us test
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Hi there, I managed to get the framerate problem solved, thanks a lot, mini mode helped!
I do however have a new problem, every know and then tbeta crashes - this crash involves the input signal getting mad glitchy, lots of lines of white on grey.
has anyone ever had a similar problem?
I’m not sure whether it is caused by the ps3 cam, maybe a sensor problem or whether it is tbeta. if anyone else has experienced this or knows of any solution i’d appreciate the feedback. we’re exhibiting the multitouch in three days and at the moment its a bit too volatile!!

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15fps - test-app: works - tbeta: works
30fps - test-app: works - tbeta: works
60fps - test-app: works - tbeta: works
75fps - test-app: works - tbeta: works
100fps - test-app: works - tbeta: works
125fps - test-app: works - tbeta: works


15fps - test-app: works - tbeta: crashes*
30fps - test-app: works - tbeta: crashes*
40fps - test-app: works - tbeta: crashes*
50fps - test-app: works - tbeta: crashes*
60fps - test-app: works - tbeta: crashes*
75fps - test-app: works - tbeta: crashes*

another thing I noticed is, when I’m in full mode I can only get 32 fps max with 320X240, but when I use mini mode it jumps to 90ish, is this normal?

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knightmare0: A new version is out that supports all resolutions. Please get it here: http://ccv.nuigroup.com Yes, running in mini mode should be much faster as it’s doing less rendering and processing.

This thread is now closed since the new version has been released.


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