Binoculars idea for camera
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Hi guys,I want share one idea but I`m not sure if somebody had this before me. I had this idea yesterday when I was in the bed trying to sleep.

Generally is this just binoculars for camera. I was thinking how I can decrease high of my MT box and this come on my mind. I`m not optician but what I can remember about mirrors this can work. Its generally just box with camera on one end and mirror which is refracting light from lens or photo camera objective (if can be used ). I hope will more help my picture from skecthup.I think this will increase angle of camera view but I`m not sure so please help me with this idea. Thanks
Sorry if this is already somewhere here.

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No this wont really work
since your lens is attached to the top of the binoculars and the mirror is inside what you are essentially doing is increasing the focal length. all that will do is distort the image. for this to work effectively mirrors have to be after the lens of the camera


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