How to get the Event of an Keyboard? 
Posted: 27 February 2009 09:33 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Hey Guys

I just want to ask those who are using WPF Framework of Jurbo, i just want to know how to get the event
of the MTKeyboard which is in the MTControls, the scenario is when i drag an MT keyboard and MTTextbox in
the MTCanvas, everytime a key will be pressed in the MTKeyboard it will be shown in the textbox..ive seen the guide
of the WPF Framework it is something like MTKeyboardButtonPress? correct me if im wrong. but i dont know how to code it in C#,
im using Visual Studio 2008 .net 3.5. also i want to get the event of when Enter Key is pressed, i just want to compare what is in the textbox to a string and an output will be shown..