Touchlib calibration issues
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I was wondering if anyone could help me with a calibration issue. my setup consists of a projector and mirror rear projecting onto the acrylic, fairly typical. My camera is shooting more or less straight up from beside the mirror. After I do a config the center of the screen has perfect registration but as i move out to the edges the registration gets less and less accurate. By less accurate I mean the points are in line with the touch and the center point but away from my finger by an increasing amount as i move away from the center.

Has anyone else had this happen? Do i need to capture the screen through the mirror to prevent this? Its bizarre because I have calibrated the screen before with great success


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i am currently having the same issue now that i have switched to ccv 1.5 i was thinking it had something to do with implementing the use of multiple cams so i was considering getting another ps3 cam just to test it

please email me back if u figured this one out i could really use the info and im having issues with ccv using my webcam in addition to my ps3 cam so now i cant use the webcam when ccv is running and it always is ive tried setting the different cams to 0 in the app settings with no success

well good luck i hope u figured this one out