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Dear all,

Last night I tried to make a proof of concept of sending TUIO messages to a browser, and it worked! So now I can build a multitouch application using Javascript, HTML, CSS, Canvas, etc. See the screencast at

What I basically do is capturing the TUIO events and forward them to a message queue which also talks stomp. Then I open a web page that will read data in the message queue in streaming fashion. I can also say that the data is pushed from the message queue to the browser. Comet anyone?

I build this using orbited and pytuio. Check the complete code at

It is just a few hours work so don’t expect something fancy. I also still don’t know when I can continue playing with this since I’m actually in the middle of writing my master thesis.

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!

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Is there anything else besides this available for using TUIO with JavaScript? It is already awesome to have touches but I look for gestures like pinch etc.. smile Seems like I have to parse the data on my own so far?

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It might be a little late, but Glassomium ( allows you to make applications solely with HTML5, CSS and Javascript. You can check out the wiki for more information about multi-touch development:


Open-source cross-platform web-based TUIO-enabled multi-touch window manager: