Community FAQ Discussion - How should the community deal with challenges we face?
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Q.  What is the intellectual property plan for the NUI Foundation and the NUI Group?

The core problems faced by the natural user interface community are one of interaction, interoperability and respecting/protecting IP.  The NUI Foundation is committed to an open source model following in the footsteps of The Linux Foundation, Mozzilla, Wikipedia and IBM’s Open Source Patents initiative.  The Foundation is currently developing a legal framework to operate under a general public license which in general terms would involve a public collaboration to both develop NUI integration technologies and keep the code and interoperability standards available to all those wishing to abide by the open source principles and requirements.
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Q:  What are some of the challenges our community faces?
<li> Confusion in industry/community on terminology.</li>
<li> Very complex research topics: Computer Vision, Hidden Marchov Models, Neural Networks, Physics, Statistics...</li>
<li> Distributed problem solving and logistics (Global Development Community)</li>
<li> Have to understand full range of development… hardware to software.</li>
<li> Limited availability of hardware solutions and processes.</li>
<li>Lack of set standards (Interaction metrics are less tangible)</li>
<li> Legal Issues - Patents, Copyright and Member’s Rights</li>
<li> Overlap in development and projects</li>
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Q:  How do we aim to solve these challenges?
<li> Free educational facilities, resources and tools to help distribute and promote findings.</li>
<li>Web Applications - Community Platform (all open source and development sandboxed so members can quickly view source code)</li>
<li>Community Code is an open source project and code/file hosting solution which acts as our distribution hub.</li>
<li>Community Generated Publications - NUI Group Authors</li>
<li>Community Core Vision + “Track Touch” = Voluntary interaction data collection</li>
<li>Simulation tools, abstraction of input and community averaged baseline tests.</li>
<li>Local Support Groups - Members in same regions meet/share/teach.</li>
<li>Legal Framework and Funding Strategy to achieve grants and assure a prosperous community.</li>
<li>More involvement into academic and commercial research firms.</li>
<div class="post_item"> Please contribute and give us your feedback on these topics so we can continue on refining our community’s focus.</div>
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I just learned about the NUI Forum while searching for the keywords ‘Open Source’ and ‘Thorlabs’. The reason for doing do is that Thorlabs just started a forum for open source discussions, guess which company I am working for :-)
Looking at the challenges the NUI team is facing it would indeed seem that open standards will be essential and that limitations due to costly commercial software could be a hurdle.
Under ‘How do we aim to solve these challenges?’ you wrote ‘More involvement into academic and commercial research firms’. This is basically the question in reverse that we ask ourselves: ‘How to we get a closer link to people who work on new technologies’
So as to that point, if there is interest in discussing open source applications related to Thorlabs items I would invite you to register for the Thorlabs Open Source forum. As I wrote before it has just been started so you will at the moment only see a few first posts, e.g. Linux driver for CCD camera etc. You can register at and email me your username to jschumacher at thorlabs com so I can make that part of the Thorlabs (so far internal) forum visible to you.

Sure this is only related to one of the points and patent questions, funding all sound quite challenging…