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Webcamera Specifications
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Camera Brand/Model: TRUST / Spotlight Webcam / item# 16429
Interface Plug Type: USB 2.0
Price You Paid & Distributor Used: 15€ / Mediamarkt
FPS/Resolution: 640x480, 30 fps
Performance In Low Light: 8
Ease of IR Filter Removal: Open the camera case, unscrew lens, IR filter glued to the bottom. Easy to remove but unavoidably broken.
Lens Used: Provided lens
Visible Block/IR Pass Filter Used: 2/3 layers of over exposed film
Setup Distance: 86 cm, for a 4:3 screen 90 cm diagonal.
OS Tested On: Windows Vista
Other Info: Camera includes 6 cool white led. I removed and installed 4 IR leds wich I use as rear illum. There´s a pot in the usb cable to control light intensity so ir can be adjusted for your set up. Mostly it is working as a front illum since there is not enough light to operate as a rear illum. Always darken the circuit board back or there will be annoying artifacts from the ccd soldering.
Recommended: It was perfect for our initial proof of concept. It´s working flawlessly with just a tensed mylar, I´ll try it with an FTIR we expect to have built by next week. Anyway we expect to upgrade the camera to a larger resolution, higher fps and firewire interface. Buy it for your first prototype!

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Is the PS3 Eye....
the 640X480 is 60 fps or 30 fps?
why i review some of the comments in the forum…
some of the people said is 60 fps? but i go to the official website it is stated 30 fps?
anyone can clarify with me ?

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Camera Brand/Model: GE minicam pro
Interface Plug Type: USB
Price You Paid & Distributor Used: target, 15$
FPS/Resolution: 15/320x140
Performance In Low Light: 10+
Ease of IR Filter Removal: remove faceplate with flathead, unscrew lense. tah dah!
Visible Block/IR Pass Filter Used: 2 squares of 35mm starting block film
OS Tested On: Windows 7
Other Info: worth it for the price and small as hell
Recommended: HELL YEAH! took literally 2 minutes to mod.

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