“Multi-touched” - September 24, 2009 - Seattle Art Museum
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“Multi-touched" – A workshop on multi-touch interfaces presented by Fashionbuddha Studio, Randy Jones, and Let’s Go Outside

Dates // Thursday, September 24th, 2009
Hours // 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Location // Seattle Art Museum – Langdon and Anne Simons Board Room
Admission // Free, open to the public

Multi-touch technology is rapidly evolving into something useful, creative, and affordable.  “Multi-touched”, presented by Fashionbuddha Studio, Randy Jones, and Let’s Go Outside at this year’s Decibel Festival, sets out to showcase the latest and greatest of the multi-touch world with an emphasis on the very real possibilities of adding these amazing interfaces to the performing electronic musician’s arsenal.

Fashionbuddha’s Creative Director, Todd Greco, will show how the studio built their own multi-touch display for under a grand and all the creative things you can use it for once its running.  He’ll also provide a brief overview of multi-touch technology and point the audience towards the resources they need to start making their own devices.

Orac Records label head Randy Jones will talk a little about his research into control of physical modeling and bring his prototype multi-touch controller, featured on Gizmodo, Make Blog and Create Digital Music, for a hands-on demonstration.  He’ll also give a preview of some of the upcoming hardware from Madrona Labs.

Stephen Schieberl, better known as Soma Records’ artist Let’s Go Outside, will be demonstrating his DIY mul-ti-touch MIDI controller.  He’ll be explaining the advantages of using a multi-touch screen for music performance and inform participants how to design their own controller with little or no prior programming experience using his Flash-based application, as well as give people the opportunity to try it out themselves.

Todd Greco (Fashionbuddha Studio)
Fashionbuddha Studio creates world-class animations and interactive experiences.  Fashionbuddha has a unique studio setup that pairs artists, musicians, animators and programmers to develop award-winning projects for clients and the creative community. Fashionbuddha Studio is featured in Communication Arts Design and Interactive Annuals, How Magazine, and won Best of Show at the 2009 Webvisionary Awards.

Randy Jones (Madrona Labs / Orac Records)
Randy Jones is a composer and designer whose work explores new systems for audiovisual expression.  He has performed and lectured at festivals including Cimatics (Brussels), MUTEK (Montreal), the Festival de Música Electroacústica (Havana), Decibel (Seattle), and New Forms (Vancouver).  He was a co-developer of Jitter, the video and 3D graphics processing software published by Cycling ‘74.  At his new company, Madrona Labs, Randy and his colleagues are on a mission to design and build electronic instruments that are as expressive as acoustic ones.

Let’s Go Outside (Soma Quality Recordings / Slant Records)
Stephen Schieberl was born in Milan, Italy and is now living in Portland, Oregon. He took the moniker “Let’s Go Outside” as a tribute to his fascination with outdoor activities, most notably parachuting. Let’s Go Outside started DJing and producing electronic music as a teenager in the early nineties in Southern California. He was picked up by Glasgow-based Soma Quality Recordings in 2006, receiving support from luminaries such as Andrew Weatherall, Laurent Garnier, Ivan Smagghe, and more.  2008 saw the release of his debut album, “A Picnic with the Hunters”, on Soma Records, pairing that with a successful European tour performing for sold out crowds at venues including Fabric, The Loft, The Arches and Sub Club.  He has now started his own imprint, Slant Records, and is set to release his second album on Soma, “Conversations with My Invisible Friends”, this October.

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I wish I could make it smile I hope it all goes well!


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I look forward to pics and vids.


Flash files and tutorial[s] available at:

cyancdesign Tutorial Blog Posts

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Best of luck with this today,
Let us know how it goes grin


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I am going to this, I will let everyone know what they missed.

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¨Please post your report wink


How many touches can you simultaneously perform ? 
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I went the event brought my video camera but it wasn’t jaw dropping. Sorry. I took maybe 1 min of video but soon realized it wasn’t bringing anything new to the forums. It was just a box with a MT music application. Very impressive if you did it yourself, but not what I was expecting to see from people putting on a forum.

I went into the Seattle Art Museum with high hopes, I walked through an event filled with urban hipsters, techno music bumping, people with drinking vodka martinis, I thought these multi-touch people are pretty cool. And there were cute girls milling about too! One of them was playing with a multitouch game (with slow response time) but I soon discovered I was in the wrong area.

So I miss the first speaker, and the detailed version of how they made the unit for under 1000. Later I spoke with him and that didn’t include the projector, they already had one.

Of the other two remaining speakers, on the grad student Randy Jones was interesting. His project was audio based, and he had done his research on the history of multitouch with sound. It turns out AT&T had a machine in 1984. The most interesting thing he said was he enumerate what it would take for his project to work, which was it needed to be low cost. He had many other points, such as useability and the like, but I think he missed a point or two, such as in order to invent a new instrument it needs to be standardized so everyone can be on the same page and have a shared experience.

I have a specific purpose with multitouch in mind, and information not relating to advancing the hardware just doesn’t interest me.

Bottom line: The field of Multitouch, hardware and software is wide open. I have been in Microsoft’s hq and seen there operation too. The are farther along but aimless with the tech, where as people like Randy Jones are mini-visionaries fighting the battle of budget and time.

At some conference, some where, someone is going to lay some amazing shit down and blow people’s minds, and they are going to figure a way to do it for 500 or less. When that happens, its going to be a game changer. Until then Randy Jones is right, too big too spendy.

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Here’s a newer video that helps explain our Orchestra App. Still in development but a lot of fun. The intent of this one is to visualize music in a new way and make it easy for anyone, even without a music background to walk up and make music they are happy with.

Thanks for everyone who came, great turnout, great audience. Might get hammered for saying it but found the Surface team was extremely friendly and into the DIY stuff too!

Carson, sorry if we didnt impress however its easy to see why. You seem to be primarily interested in the hardware side and our focus is on the software. Maybe we find ourselves teaming up some day!

UPDATE: and yes, Randy is awesome!