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Well, I got my basic java based blob detection working.  I had some ideas that I thought would work and basically just started from scratch. 

I started with a diff filter.  It would take a single image and store it off.  Then all new images would be diff’d with the original image.  This got rid of any impuraties on the screen (dust that picked up IR light from the ftir) or background ambient light.  Worked GREAT!

Then I started moving over to DI from FTIR (want a dual setup) and again, worked great (because the diff filter also did an abs value so it only cared about the amount of change, not what direction it was).  Again, worked great.

But now, I stared realizing that all the thresholds and levels where off between DI and FTIR.  But I really want a solution that kinda caluculates everything on its own (other then a button to reset the diff image).

So I started thinking of a filter to try and calculate a threshold values by picking up the min, max, and possibly average intensities.  And base the settings on that. 

Has anyone done anything like this yet?  The trouble is that I seem to need a threshhold threshold to tell me when I should start considering a bit of light as a ‘someone has pressed something because this is obviously not just a blip’… Otherwise the first few runs, I think 1/2 of the screen is a blip.

Anyway, just wondering if others are doing anything similar.