Bachelor Thesis: Supporting Social Protocols in Multi-Touch Tabletop Interaction Through Awareness
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Hello everybody,

I’ve moved away from multitouch topics more or less after I had finished my bachelor thesis, but I always felt that I owe the community something. I wouldn’t have gotten so far without the information provided here, and without the (direct or indirect) help of several individuals (thanks to them!). The thesis is already over one year old, so obviously I’m a very lazy person… wink Nevertheless, the topic is not a technical one and thus it hasn’t become obsolete, I think.

Now I finally managed to set up my thesis for a public audience and upload it. I’d also like to make a video to give you a clearer impression of what I did, but it could take a while as I’m quite busy at the moment.

The thesis’ topic you can see in the thread title; it is about social factors in interaction. About the work I have to say that I’m not totally comfortable with it - it has its lengths, and it contains a number of paragraphs which I find superfluous, but which I had to write in order to make it complete from a supervising professor’s point of view. (So you might very well skip the whole “Technology and Background Information” chapter and some other parts. smile )

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Oh, and here’s the link: Thesis (PDF), ~4.5MB.

Happy reading.

P.S.: I’m not sure whether this forum category is the correct one, but it seemed to fit best. If you think I should annouce my work in one of the other (more frequented) subforums, please tell me. smile

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thxs Elkmonters !
Please ; post the vidz ASAp !!! wink


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