Somewhat urgent help needed
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Hey all,

Have a small grant (about $3000) from the university I’m at and convinced my prof we should make a DSI multi-touch surface with it.

I mostly do research in classrooms and for our work the DSI surface seems to be the best choice from all the research I’ve done, and the endless pouring over the forums here.

I’m trying to track down a sheet of EndLighten here in Toronto (there’s one distributor - the AcryLite official reseller here - I’ve contacted, but they’re not sure they can get me only one sheet, and I have to buy the whole 4ft x 8ft sheet!) - I’m looking at the XL 8mm sheet because everything I read seems to say this is the best option

I’m thinking of buying the 5m roll of 850nm LED lights from - I’ve read that you don’t need to cut them but can just wrap it right around the screen… so I’m good there

Protection/Projection Surface: A piece of PLEXIGLAS® 7D006 (now as I understand it this goes on top of the EndLighten… basically to protect the Endlighten surface and what the projected image shines on)

As for the cameras I’m probably going to just buy 2 of peauproductions PS3 cameras as he seems to really know what he’s doing (and might as well support a NUI guy!)

I have to figure out the projector though because this seems to drive everything else (the ratio 4:6 vs 4:3… and I’ve seen people talk about 16:10 - this some kind of variant on the 4:3???) I’m basically looking to have about a 42in diagonal - so if anyone has a good suggestion on this this would be absolutely key as I haven’t found a difinitive answer on a decent projector under/around $1000

I know this is super short notice but I basically have till Wednesday to provide detailed purchasing on this thing or I lose the chance to buy the stuff (dumb grant logistics)… so any help would be really appreciated

Anything else I’m missing here (I know framing, I’m working on that too)?

thanks in advance!!!


BenQ MP522ST
43x24 Endlighten
43x24 7D512
850nm Environmental Lights LEDs
2 x PS3 Modified Cameras from Peau Productions

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Hey and welcome!
You wanna cut the ledstrip or they will get really hot and even break. I dunno, but thats what it says on the strips grin I did just cut mine with a cutter.
Should not be to hard to get a projector for 16:9 for $1000? I havent got that much info around projectors. My setup is a DSI LCD “32 16:9. Working very well for the moment actually. Although the hight of the table is what is important if you don´t want problems with week blobs around the edges. Fisheyelenses could cause problems in this area. If you gonna run more than one cam that would not be a problem either. You gotta deside witch screensize to go for and go from there i guess. I would go for 16:9 but thats just me. grin
Anyway, good luck! Hope we will see the finished table soon! grin