MS hotfix KB975560 affects DirectShow - CCV stopped working with Unibrain Camera
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Hello there!
I am Igor Schkrab from Brazil, and I guess that the information below may be useful for the community.

I had a problem at work where there was a CCV with unibrain fire-I camera working fine under Windows XP SP3 when suddenly after a reboot of the machine the CCV stopped working. But the Fire-I camera software continued working normally.

Googling for some advice to solve the problem i haven´t found any information about it… Sometimes people reinstalled the drivers, or installed patches for SP2 or SP3, but nothing has solved the problem here.

Finally we got in touch with Unibrain, explained the problem and they answered that Microsoft released the security update KB975560 in February/2010 which impacted DirectShow (used by AMCap and CCV) directly.
To solve the problem, we just needed to uninstall the security Update for Windows XP KB975560.

Follow the links related to this issue:

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