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Touch Screen Games and Apps
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I am Ankkit Chhajer currently pursuing graduation (B.tech) from IIT Delhi
I am in my 3rd Year right now!

I am greatly enthusiastic about Multi touch devices
Currently I am researching and working on building my own Multi touch Table under the guidance of a professor of IIT Delhi

And i am also planning to build some my of my Multi touch Games and Apps

I have one very good idea of developing a Multi touch game which can be played by many players for FUN smile
there will be two sections on the screen: base and active area
there will be lots of things kept on the base like wood piece, springs, balls etc.
(*also extra feature can be provided that a player draws something and is interpreted and provided to him by the system)
they can be picked and kept anywhere on the active area with/without supports and players have to make together a mechanism
after which they can press the START button so the picture becomes live,
everything releases like the balls start falling down on whatever surface it may experience
basically the ‘Magic of Physics’ to be experienced through the game…

it can also be used to play sports virtually
there will be a LIVE mode
which after activating, you can do everything in live
if you pick and release a ball, it will fall to the ground
or you can hit it to the other side where the opponent has to prevent it from touching the wall through his hand or may be using the wooden piece etc.

Please review this idea and tell me what changes do i need to do, or how can i improve my idea to get selected for the GSoC 2010 smile
I am open for all type of projects for building an App or a Game for Multi-touch devices...!!! smile smile

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Hi Ankkit,
You may want to take a look at some existing physics apps like Crayon Physics for ideas/inspiration, if you haven’t seen them already: http://www.crayonphysics.com/
There’s an iPhone app called FingerPhysics which has a nice gaming implementation.

A mock-up/drawing would be a nice supplement to any GSOC proposal, especially one like yours. Other than the multi-player aspect, what other components of the applications would be multi-touch? What language are you going to develop in?

good luck!


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Yes a mockup would help and could you please help summarize your goals?