About Google Summer of Code

The NUI Group has been lucky enough to participate for the past 5 years of Google Summer of Code. Each year a group of students work with their mentors to produce awesome results within a 3 month time period.

About The NUI Group

Established in 2006, The Natural User Interface Group is an open source community that creates and shares interaction techniques & standards that benefit designers & developers throughout the world. We offer a collaborative environment for scientists that are interested in learning and developing modern Human/Computer Interaction methods and concepts.

Our research includes topics such as: computer vision, touch computing, voice & gesture recognition, and experience design and information visualization. With nearly 18,000 members, our goals is to accelerate the exploration of sensing solutions and interaction scenarios, thus allowing us to find the most effective methods of constructing modern interface devices. Our members are a worldwide gathering of students, researchers, designers, developers and engineers all who share a similar passion for the creation and distribution of open systems. An important aspect is to create and utilize open standards that allow development to flourish.

Why are we participating in GSoC 2013?

Natural User Interfaces are becoming common in our everyday lives. Companies are rapidly introducing new product lines with NUI methodologies interwoven within; Google, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and others… all with a major push towards enhanced interaction. The class most influenced by the emergence so far is the “smart mobile” as each unit contains 5-10 sensors paired with rich effectors. With new emerging sensors that allow for precise 3D motion sensing, gesture and vision based interaction has never been more important.

In the past few years NUI has become only more relevant and with 2013 being the year or Google Glass, wearables are becoming a reality. Much of the inspiration comes from VR systems developed in the 1990’s but with new capabilities of human sensing, particularly high precision and low latency 3D tracking, it is now be possible to have rich dimensional interaction. Whether this is done in a wearable form or more traditional HCI, computer vision lies at the core of such solutions and with this in mind our goals for 2013 GSoC will be to enhance our computer vision engine (CCV) to allow for a more modular and optimized system (CCV2). With our efforts resulting in a powerful tool for discovering and exploring new vision algorithms and vision based sensors.

By participating in GSoC we would like to expand the NUI concepts to a wider audience, raising interest from students around the world that do not typically have the opportunity to work with such technologies. We aim to study emerging sensing solutions and translate to applicable scenarios, starting with computer vision, natural language, and signal processing. Beyond that students can ponder on innovative problems that include related developments in clustering algorithms, image processing and machine learning. Our participation would bring new interesting ideas and concepts, we need these fresh outlooks on our projects from a range of perspectives that GsoC students can offer. GSoC is really the best opportunity that is offered to us to enlarge our contributor pool and push our community forward. The funding offered helps a lot in inspiring people to collaborate and help them achieve their dreams. Convincing people to contribute to an open-source project is always hard, and even harder for us as our target users are computer users who are by definition uninitiated in open source developments.

Preparing to Apply for GSoC 2013

The most common question we get from students is "How do I prepare for Google Summer of Code?" The simple answer is not to wait for the program to get involved in open source. Start checking out projects now: take a look at documentation, check out their source code and idle in some IRC channels to see what interests you. The projects who have been past participants in Google Summer of Code are a great place to start;You can also find the list of student projects for 2010 linked from each accepted organization's page on the (http://socghop.appspot.com/gsoc/program/accepted_orgs/google/gsoc2010) 2012 site. Google will announce the list of accepted mentoring organizations for 2012 on March 18th.

Getting Started with GSoC

Here are the steps and some tips on getting started:

  1. Think of a good idea – For help and references see the Ideas section below...
  2. Do some research yourself based on the idea, write up a proposal draft
  3. Post it up on the forum @ http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewcategory/85/ (GSoC dedicated section) to get feedback
  4. Write up full proposal (4-10 pages with graphics and resume)
  5. Submit it to google by the following process (see steps below)
    • Login to http://google-melange.com
    • Click on the “Register as a Student link” on the left menu(Will appear from 28th March 19:00 UTC to 8th April 19:00 UTC)
    • Fill up all the information (You will be able to change this in future)
    • After filling up, you are registered as a student.
    • Now click on the “Submit your Student Proposal” Link on the left menu. -A Page will appear on which all the accepted organizations will be listed. Now click on The organization you want to apply in (e.g. NUI Group in this case)
    • A direct method will be using the following link http://google-melange.com/gsoc/studentproposal/apply/google/gsoc2012---yourlink_id---?organization=nuigroup (from 28th March 19:00 UTC) -You can put the full proposal in the rich text editor there. Also the full proposal link/ any external link can be provided in the “Additional Info”. -Now your proposal is submitted. You can now see the proposal and subscribe to updates (Link will be on the top of the proposal view page).
    • As per the rule you can submit up to 20 proposals.

Ways to stay in touch:

Student/Mentor Contacts

The fastest and quickest way to get feedback is by posting your idea or questions on the forums! Here: http://nuigroup.com/forums/ You can find some ideas and articles below to help get started. Otherwise, please any questions about becoming a GSoC Student or Mentor to this email: gsoc@nuigroup.com

When will we know if NUI Group got into GSoC 2012

  • Middle of April

Community Resources

Official Google Links:

  • http://nuigc.com/gsoc2012timeline
  • http://nuigc.com/gsoc2012faq
  • http://nuigc.com/gsoc2012login
  • http://nuigc.com/gsoc2012org

Google References