AlexP Multi-Cam (8 Cameras Stitched)

8 Cameras on 2 USB ports running @ 960x720 @ 75 FPS at ~4-9% CPU... We will do 16 after the store restocks on PS3 cameras smile
As you guys already know I've been working really hard on an optimized PS3Eye camera driver. We have been also working on multi-camera solution as demonstrated in this video. We believe that we will be able to scale to upwards to 16-32 cameras without any modifications to the driver. The CPU usage in the 8 camera demo is ~4-9%! The images from 8 cameras are stitched into a single frame and displayed at 75FPS... and the best part is the cost: 8x$40=$320+$20 for hubs.

Stay tuned to NUI Group for more updates on this.

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Nice need this now. Where is a link?

Impressive stuff, off out to buy one of these cams tomorrow!

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