Bloom - Generative Music Application


I like this… it’s kinda artsy, but it’s got potential on a whole different level, it could grow into something even better than this.  Don’t stop on the concept.. see where else you could apply this to.  Maybe not only track the points, track the direction for for cresendo and speed of the hand for pitch… allow for the decay of repetition.. to eventually fade out, etc..

Good job.

I really love this. Makes me feel like I have musical talent (I knowI do not!).

Also reminds me of the kind of music you got on classic games like Secret of Mana!

Simplicity is key. I like it.

Would be nice with some type of control for the duration of the note.

Keep up the great work,

I made my first plasma test with bloom : )

You can see some clics failing but thats a design problem with my IRpen im working on it.

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