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Fast Company has posted a feature on Jeff, along with an new video.  In this video, they demonstrate how a multi-touch driven computer screen will change the way we work and play.

Phillip Davidson has created some stunning new demo applications, and he should be given a lot of the credit for his works. Some application features are similar to bumptop where he is manipulating and sorting photos. They are also working on a 3-d manipulation engine that resembles David Wallin’s Claymod, I wonder if they got inspired by his works. Also it seems that they are continuing work on a “string” based instrument environment, in which they referenced in an older paper.

Phillip has done an amazing job on the software side, allowing for such a dynamic gesture engine and new methods of data visualization, while Jeff’s hardware continues to improve sensing capabilities. In this video it shows how much time they both have put into this project. I still wonder what they are using for software, I believe they are using tracking software that was originally written for the ACCESS project. However I am still unsure of what they are using for visualization software, to me it resembles processing, however it is hard to tell.

I have collected several research papers and made them available to read about how he is going about doing this.

Han has founded a company called Perceptive Pixel to develop his touch screen technology further, and he has already shipped touch screens to undisclosed groups of the military with six figure price tags. So now in between this video and the new apple phone, I do believe multi-touch will start seeing more and more development, thus the reason for this group. It is rather scary knowing Microsoft is also getting into this game, with Andy Wilson’s works with touch light. If you have not read his research paper I highly recommend it.

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Yeah this second version looks quite nice as well, just a few more years and the keyboard and mouse are done
Nice to read the article about Han’s background as well

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