CCV - 1.3 Installer Released

Hey guys we are happy to release CCV 1.3 which brings with it a much easier to use installer. We have worked on the tracking algorithm to provide much more smoother tracking, this includes a simple weighted low-pass filter and using floats instead of integers in our display mapping methods.

Please let us know any feedback and have fun! Getting started with computer vision and multi-touch has never been so easy.

Here are some of the changes:
- Move to LGPL License
- Fixed bug with acceleration value calculation
- Added raw binary TCP protocol (sync-header for blob data packet)
- Changed the color of buttons to red for better contrast
- Added 1-exp(accel/x) adaptive filter coefficient (for tracking smoothing)
- Fixed the blob count for blobs that are not sent ie. blob(0,0)
- More optimization for PS3 Eye
- Stopped using integers to for calibration mapping (CameraToScreenMap)
- Fixed known logging issue.
- See repository for full changelog
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Well Christian and all NUI guys! Thank you for the installer. This will make things easier for new people on NUI.

Keep on the great work! We believe in you!

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