CCV 1.4.1a - Multicamera Preview

Community Core Vision v1.4.1a

Community Core Vision (CCV) is a proven computer vision solution with the best community support group around. Throughly tested in both research and commercial environments, CCV is a great starting point for anyone to begin learning and implementing computer vision systems.

We are pleased to announce the first official release of CCV with Multicamera support. A special thanks goes to community developer Anatoly (Anat) for his hard work, passion and contributions.

This release is mainly for testing hardware capabilities. Users should be carefull with XML settings as their camera may not support specific tags. There are several sample configurations included with the download to get started. A modern (i5+) computer is recommended especially when processing high resolution/framerate video.

We have also created a short feedback survey to get a better understanding of the community's experience with these new features.
The latest release which can be downloaded here with the following features:

  • True Multicamera support with enhanced stitching algorithm.
  • Fully Multithreaded capturing from cameras.
  • Add support of Interleave mode for stitching/blending.
  • Video Recorder to capture from cameras and playback emulation mode.
  • Video Mashup - different devices types to be used simultaneously.
  • DirectShow, Firefly, Kinect and PS3 Eye support.
  • New per camera based calibration process.

  • GPU Mode was removed (Expected to return in 1.5)
  • Simple video playback removed (Refactored in 1.5)
  • Camera settings dialog was removed. Restriction caused with new camera selection logic.

  • A multi-camera positioning and settings tool intergrated into CCV.
  • Improved perfomance through GPU acceleration and SSE instructions.
  • Update to the latest OpenCV
Expect more to come as the community continues to contribute to this pioneering open source project during Google Summer of Code 2011 and beyond.
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Yeah, that’s good news in the early morning =D
Definitely going to test the new calibration capabilities. - Is minimize to system tray already added? If not: it’s just one small checkbox or maybe five lines of code wink

Amazing mate, utterly amazing !

Keep up the hard work !


@theCake If you want to minimize to system tray - use attached tool called CommandCenter. I’ll implement this feature in CCV soon.

@Fitz Rurisk. Thanks!

@everybody - please - fill feedback survey. As i noticed before this release is made only for testing community hardware. During developing this CCV me and my friends noticed that multicamera mode may work unstable on some configurations - we’ve fixed these problems and got stable work on more that 6 PCs. I think that everything will work on every PC, but to be 100% sure i need to see a lot of feedback surveys.

That’s good news! Excellent work!

uhm, I really want to try it out, but it crashes on startup :( There was an error b/c of binding to port 3000. I changed it to 3333 (in the config) and the error disappeared, but CCV still crashes on startup or disappears into the background (the process stops then after a few seconds). Copying tne config from the working 1.4 won’t resolve the issue. Deactivating the PS3Eye won’t help either.
Any ideas?

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