Free NUI Group Community T-Shirts

With this new year brings great growth for our community, as expected we have now surpassed 4000 members and are quickly accelerating towards our next goal of 5000. With these milestones we wish to reward several key community members for all the help they have done for us in the past years.

We initialize our efforts by giving away 100 free t-shirts to key members within the NUI Group Community that have contributed their passion and knowledge in return helping so many. This include people that have discussed, developed & documented free and open source software/hardware techniques for everybody to use. It is at our core that we must reward and stimulate open development efforts throughout several aspects of the scientific research community and commercial industries.

We do apologize for we could only account for only a limited amount of members this round, however soon we will have shirts for sale at a small price to cover the material costs and shipping.

Thanks everybody in the community for contributing and when you get your shirt please post your pictures here... of you wearing it next to your screens.

Thanks to Priscilla our Art Director for modeling and helping shipping out the shirts smile
Already got your shirt? Please post your pictures on this thread.

Deserve a shirt but not on the list yet? Please contest on this thread.

Get your “shirt” on!

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