Grafiti - Gesture Recognition Framework

Yet another amazing projects results from NUI Groups involvement with Google's Summer of Code event. Very stylist video!

Alessandro De Nardi, a student of computer science at the University of Pisa, Italy, has worked on Grafiti for GsoC and is still involved with the project. Alessandro, a member of the NUI Group, is also in the Music Technology Group of Barcelona's UPF University, He was supervised by Martin Kalterbrunner and Sergi Jorda of the reactable project.

Grafiti is a C# framework built on top of the TUIO protocol that manages multi-touch interactions in table-top interfaces. The possible use of tangible objects is particularly contemplated. It is designed to support the use of third party modules for (specialized) gesture recognition algorithms. However a set of modules for the recognition of some basic gestures is included in this project.

The development is in the alpha state, going to beta soon.

The goals I've been aiming at are: generality, versatility, speed of execution, extensibility, ease of programming (integration) of external modules (simple APIs and protocols) and effective interface design with regards to HCI aspects.

More informations in his blog.
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Thanks Lynn


what exactly can you do with it? the video is very impressive but it does not give me a concrete impression what i could do with it…

Hi, I’m the developer.
I’ve answered you in my blog

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i’ve made the same mistake once: i wrote more than 500 characters and then pressed “submit comment” and my whole comment was lost…

i’ll answer you too on your blog wink

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