How to Build a 20’ MT Screen in 3 Weeks

With only 3 weeks between final client sign off and the deployment of a 20 foot multi-touch wall for Aldar Properties at the opening of Cityscape 2008 in Dubai. Globacore a Toronto based Interactive agency worked with NUI Consultant Taha Bintahir in engineering and deployment of a 20x3’ - 4 section LLP wall-installation. LLP stands for “Laser Light Plane” which is a technique of lighting the screen with IR lasers and specialized line lenses. This method was pioneered and actively research within our community and allows for affordable/scalable surface solutions while requiring less complexity in electronics for illumination.

The key components of the setup include about thirty 10mw infrared lasers, 4 firefly MV cameras, 4 Sanyo 4500 lumen projectors, and Blue Ocean acrylic rear projection screens. NUI Group then provided a modified version of Touchlib for blob tracking as well as a media viewer app which was used Flash 10 and the AS3 TouchAPI.  Additionally a java server managed x,y,scale,and rotate properties of all objects on screen to simulate one continuous screen while actually running 4 independent computers and touchscreens. Then the exhibit was created by HUCOM and The Taylor Group.

Thanks to all who made this huge feat possible and we are really looking forward to seeing more LLP used in even larger screens.

Below are some more videos of the screen in use:


WOW great job screen is breathtaking.....

Way to go Taha this is a beautiful installation.

Well, great job with multi-screens in Dubai. But why FPS is soo low? Low FPS is really non-ergonomic thing, you know.  Maybe for such task is better not to use combination of Windows + MS Visio, it’s the slowest thing in the Universe, you know

Fabulous job you’ve done Taha!
But what’s exactly your projection screen? can you give us the exact model and brand of it?! please leave a link to its website

Ocean Blue Projection Screen

Thanks Jeff, I know that it is Ocean Blue Projection Screen! but I searched for it on the internet and there wasn’t just one product! I found Carlex one and another company’s Ocean Blue Projection Screen! I wanted to know what excatly was thier screen?!

Hey Kirash—the screens we used came from our friends at

I can’t see the lasers on the final screen. How were they mounted?

awesome setup

We had T-slotted aluminum tracking running around the perimeter of the screen about 5” from the edge of the screen.  In the slots we had a modified plastic clip that happened to perfectly fit the diameter of the lasers.  It gave us the ability to control the distance towards and away from the screen as well as the rotation of the laser plane…

...It wasn’t as accurate as we would have liked but it worked.  We placed the lasers 5” away from the edge as the laser was too bright near the origin and caused bright spots and thus inputs.

Cool, are those laser clips available somewhere?

I think they were actually hacked shower curtain holders - haha - but I can try to find out where we got them - I didn’t deal with that one small detail.  I think the laser holder can make or break the installation—we’re working on some other machined option for the clips.  I’ll keep you posted.

that would be great, thank you


Hi Folks, Brillant application congratulations.

I see a few folk are asking about the screens used in this project.  Our company is the Pacific Island, Australia and New Zealand distributor / partner for Blue Ocean screens. We would love to work with you on projects of this nature.  We are a specialist supplier of AV solutions, film polymers and imaging screens and daytime projection screens.

If you are in Auckland please drop in so we can show you the amazing quality of Blue Ocean Screens
Also here is the direct web site link

Kevin Andreassend

Loved the huge multitouch wall. We are about to build 3 100” screens for an exhibition in June. We can’t use the Blue Ocean due to budget restraints but it is standard on all our touch tables. With regards to laser holders, I have a design for a holding block which I’ll have drawn up this weekend, I’ll then find out how much it’s going to cost to machine. I’ll let you know how we get on with the screens and try to make a short video diary of the design, test and installation progress.

I am in need of your help, in regards to one specific area of construction.  It involves simulating one continuous screen while running many.

I admit, I know nothing about java servers (or java, in general), but I am a tech/computer junkie, and I learn very quickly.

If you could, please, explain this one aspect (process, coding, etc.) and/or point me in the right direction (website, book(s), etc.) so that I may continue on my path, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for everything!

I saw this post a while ago, and just now realized that Blue Ocean/Nippura is located in Charlotte, NC, near where I live.  I’d like to contact them- has anyone else from the NUI-group worked with Blue Ocean besides Globacore?

Hi, I happened to be working on our thesis project entitled “A Prototype Design of Wireless Touchscreen Computer Keyboard”. Can anybody helped me in designing our keyboard? I really don’t know where to start with the project. The keyboard must be able to implement touching two keys at the same time for keyboard shortcuts and functions.

Hi Leslieatienza

Have you researched any of the current ir and projected keyboards.

Our software is expected to launch this month Elements.Bonfire as a Multi touch application for all Window OS and suited for all MT hardware. It might be of assistance for you. We will have trial versions available. contact me at iceavtech at

Regards, Kevin A

and a note for ACjackson. Re continous screens ..I assume you might mean seamless projected images… drop me a line. It is reasonable straightforward to achieve - you need edge blending software to drive it which we can help you with and of course the display hardware.

Anyway needing pricing for Blue Ocean screens - as an international distribution partner we are qualified to help and supply you.
Regards, Kevin A

I am interested in building a large multitouch wall that could be used for events - and needs to be transported. would be interested to see a how to of this… ie what steps to make it all work! Or failing that someone who can work with me here in the UK…

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