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Frankvl and Joobs, members of our community, are currently occupied with building their FTIR multitouch displays. You can read the building process of frankvl’s display on the Lumenlab forums.

Frank choose to build his table (pictured above) out of a modular structural aluminum, and so the construction is very professional and clean looking because of this. A company such as TSLOTS offers similar products. They even offer a 3D application to design your table, and get the proper parts for constructing.

Pictured above is a table that will be presented on Jan. 29, 2007 at the c-base conference. The table, called a “MultiTouchConsole” or “mtc”, is a completely self-contained, touch-sensitive table built by a group of c-base members. All software written for the project is open source, distributed with libavg. They are using 6 UV halogen bulbs that shine up from the base of the table, I am not exactly sure why. Their projects website, is mostly in German however has a nice gallery of their projects build cycle.

In some local news, Joobs is documenting his project on our forums in his project diary. There is some good discussion going on about beam angle, and how to polish your acrylic edges. 

Also ballpoint from #ftir has posted pictures of his current building methods. With some interesting methods of cutting his acrylic to optimize the coupling of light into the light guide.


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