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“For an entertainment bartable I conceived flowing particlestream which can be influenced with your fingers.” You may read more about Hype’s beautiful “moodstream” application, which is runs completely over VVVV utilizing attractors powered by an LFO animation. I sure do hope he releases this patch on Feb 12th if he is allowed to, would really help out the community. He has already released the first version of this patch. Which covers blob tracking and identification, as well as a simple animation for blob points. Thanks again Hype!

I have posted some photos of my build, I will be updating my project diary weekly to follow the process of my build.

Not exactly in our community, but found this table on flickr tagged under multi-touch. Still researching more into it, to see where it came from…


Hihi, what an honour to be featured. Thanks!

nice pics you got on the forum chris, can’t wait to see more of your development

The last table was produce by RWTH uni in germany, and i think with Queen’s uni in canada too.

They did plan to create a site like ours, but they seem to have not bothered:

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