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Stefano from NI updated his blog with some new videos, I am particularly fond of the tabulaGraph sample, a simple concept mapping template that shows some of the potential in constructing knowledge collaboratively. Also in the video above, it is great to see Stefano using RFID tagged objects to call data, very interesting to see when paired with multitouch. Make sure you check out Natural Interaction’s new website, a great display of the all the research they are doing in Italy. Thanks for the inspiration Stefano!

The three above are more Jeff Han videos, in these he explains some of the available functions. Also you can see his gestures up close, such as his menu toggle. The first video was a project done at NYU with 3D texture placement and manipulation, you can read more about it on the projects homepage.

This video (research paper) is a great demonstration of a dynamic gesture engine. With voice activation the user can “program” each gesture to perform a specific action. They are using a MERL DiamondTouch System, as they had before in the Warcraft III Video. You can see more of Edward Tse’s work at his homepage.

This is a quite amazing concept, that could combine a quite compact computer and laser projector system with a camera, positionned on a table, reflected on a retractable mirror could provide the most compact portable large screen computer interface. This technology will defiantly be enhanced with laser projection evolution, so I am glad to see companies like Microvision coming into the market.

I really dislike the man talking, however the new Sony OLEDs are very promising.

Smart Mirror, presented at; University of Waterloo Systems Design Engineering Symposium. An Innovative mirror touchscreen system for washrooms, I always thought a mirror, with multitouch would be great. So this is a start.

A quick demo of NASA’s World Wind 1.4 (Great music too). With this release comes many new features such as; Sun Shading, Atmospheric Scattering, Time Controller, WMS Importer, and a Anaglyph 3D mode. I really like the new Sun Shading feature, makes for a very realistic environment, It is great to see them evolve their platform. You can read more about the new features, and download WW 1.4 here.


I wonder how the cards thingie works. They place a card on a reader or so and then a set of new pictures is being loaded.

I think that the speech dynamic gesture recognition is awesome. Every MT should have one in the future wink

The thing with the laser is nice, but it’s still in an early fase of development. Interesting to see it evolving.

The OLED is like hotttt!

The thing with the mirror is pretty useless if you ask me. It’s not like you spend hours in your bathroom or so. You just brush your teeth fast or shave yourself and you’re off again. If you are going to do multimedia stuff in there it will all just take longer and than you would use your time less efficient. The voice recognition stuff can also be done even without the mirror thing.

WW is still hot, downloading it now.

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