An Interactive Globe

Globe4D is a four dimensional direct manipulation device for globe viewing. The hardware is the physical installation which is build out of driftwood, a polyester sphere and an old garden table. The sphere is positioned half-way in the table which makes it possible for a single projector , placed on the ceiling, to cover the visible part of the sphere. A trackball is used for registering the rotation of sphere and a mousewheel for tracking the movement of the outer ring. Having the projector above the installation also makes it possible to walk around the globe without affecting the projection.

It would be quite interesting to see this as a multimodal input device. This would allow for haptic gestures such as the “pinch” that Han, and the iPhone have made so popular. I would imagine that a overhead system such as MERL’s diamondtouch, could be adjusted within software to accept finger events and gestures. This design looks rather straight forward, and seems that it could be done as DIY project, which is great for the community.

Globe4D was created as a Multimedia Systems project for the Master of Science in Media Technology at Leiden University, the Netherlands.


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