Google Summer of Code Results 2009

After a though selection period, NUI Group mentors have selected the 7 winning proposals for this year under Google Summer of Code 2009. It was a very competitive and hard process as nearly 40 proposals have been received, and most of them had an outstanding quality.

Here are the proposals that were selected:
Multi-touch Extension Module for Google SketchUp
Student: Anirudh Sharma
Mentor: Pawel Solyga
Co-Mentor: Taha Bintahir

NUI Paint: Exploring and developing new multi-touch interactions by creating new widgets for a concrete graphics application
Student: Sharath Patali
Mentor: Thomas Hansen
Co-Mentor: Mathieu Virbel

MPX X.Org TUIO Driver
Student: Ryan Huffman
Mentor: Martin Kaltenbrunner

Recognition, Tracking and Association of Hands, Fingers, and Blobs: A Community Core Upgrade
Student: Thiago Araujo
Mentor: Laurence Muller

Creating Models for Learning and Recognizing Gestures (DTW)
Student: Sashikanth Damaraju
Mentor: Alexander Popovich

Component-Based HCI UI Framework and High-Level HCI Library for Java
Student: Ori Rawlings
Mentor: Christian Moore

An openframeworks toolkit for developing multi-touch musical interfaces
Student: Dimitri Diakopoulos
Mentor: Seth Sandler

Congratulations to all the Google Summer of Code students who were accepted this year. We hope another pleasant, successful and productive SoC for our students and community, and wish good luck to our students in their code writing until August 10, the suggested “pencils down” day.

Also truly thanks for all who participated and we hope that you will continue to develop your projects with equal support from any NUI Group Community member.

Please check our wiki and this forum often to get information about latest developments:
Google Summer of Code Homepage   |   Join the Discussion


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