Google Summer of Code - Coding Begins

Google Summer of Code got started earlier this week with 7 intriguing projects, the image above was created by Sashikanth Damaraju the founding student behind Creating Models for Learning and Recognizing Multitouch Gestures.

"This project is aimed at creating a language / framework independent Gesture Recognition toolkit that takes OSC messages formatted with TUIO specification as input and outputs recognized gestures via OSC protocol. The problem with gestures such as the pinch-to-zoom, rotate are hard-coded and require more coding to add new gestures into the system. Apart from this, there are toolkits that go one step ahead to learn and recognize single point stroke gestures based on their shape, like the nui wave to bring up a menu. Although this is very useful for application developers to use, it is still limited by not using multiple points of input that a multitouch surface allows."

Really exciting project goals for Sashikanth and his mentors Alexander Popovich and Stjepan Rajko . You can check out all the other projects below... make sure you view their "downloads" page to view students proposals.

CCV - Hand Tracking
Gesture Models for Multitouch
HCI Framework for Java
MPX X.Org TUIO Driver
Multi-touch Google SketchUp
NUI Paint - Python
OF Musical Interfaces


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