Hand Writing Recognition

This text is replaced by a flash movie.

Here is a flash hand writing recognition algorithm, simply write a character on the left area, and it will convert into proper letter on the right. Make sure you follow the character guide in the center of the movie. It has some issues with some specific letters and numbers, and is a lot easier if you are using a pen. I am working on bettering this current method of input and porting to P5 in order to use with a table. Thanks to Gskinner for the example, and having such a beautiful gallery.

Microsoft Vista introduces intelligent handwriting recognition (pdf) as a natural supplement to keyboard input, and I can personally say after daily use it is amazing. Here is a video of both Vista's hand writing capability and their touch interface.


yay smile this looks really good. congratulation guys. now get this up and running on one of the tables

Nice find Hype smile

Now, what is the next step? A rebuild or implent some sending/recieving stuff?

Yeah nice, though i doubt it will be any faster then typing on a keyboard

what do you mean bij P5 chris?

P5, isn’t that processing?

I’ve found an article about stylus typing, an implementation of that in multi-touch software would be cool.

Predictive text input by geometry analysation. The software would use something like T9 to see which words you write by analysing the letters you cross over over you digital keyboard(image).

For instance if you want NUIGROUP you would draw a line over the keyboard with your finger from N to U to I etc etc. The software should analyse where you momentarily stop or change direction. Also if you would move over a few letters consecutively that are in a straight line (for example if you need to type TUIOProtocol) it would use predictive input to come up with that word because it has no direction change…
Right a combination of techniques should be considered.

isn’t this “graffiti” used in the old palm-handhelds?
i’ve once owned one of these devices, and it was, well, okay, in 1998 or so, but absolutely not comparable to the systems used in the windows “tablet pc” editions (from what i’ve heard, they seem to be able to recognize every scrawl where humans are long lost—because they also analyze the time and pressure of the stroke rather than the bitmap)

Yes pascal this is comparable to “graffiti”, and yes, the new windows vista hand writing recognition is truly amazing. I never honestly thought it could work as well as it does. Visa’s voice recognition is also just as amazing, almost no errors. I am going to try and post a video of both of them in use to demo.

I’ve just got a tablet pc with handwriting recognition supplied with W. Vista.
Is there a way to make it recognise portuguese handwriting?

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