Happy NUI Year from NUI Group :)

As 2008 has come to a close and 2009 begins, we want to thank you for making NUI Group the best place to learn, share, create and discover natural user interfaces.

With this NUI year in full swing, we thought you would appreciate some of our own tips for success and resources you may be unaware of.

In return, we'd appreciate if you fill out the short survey or you might have already received in your email inbox. If you haven’t responded to the survey that you received in your mailboxes, please do now. It’ll help us understand strengths and weaknesses of NUI Group, and ways to leverage the service quality this group has to offer. If you have not received the NUI New Years e-mail and corresponding survey, please message Seth (cerupcat) to be added to the mailing list.

Thanks for all your amazing contributions and showcased projects and we look forward the best year yet with 2009!

Best Tips for Success

DIY Resources and community news you may have missed:

Community Picks:

AlexP's PS3 Camera Driver

Multi-Touch Water Screen

The Stribe

NeoVisus Gaze Interaction

Please remember to fill out the survey if you haven't done so already! We will aim to publish the results in our next email/posts and get your feedback... on your feedback rasberry

Thanks to Seth (cerupcat) and gorkem for working on the email/survey.


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