A New Age Light Painting

Easyweb is a group of artists in France specializing in motion graphics and video projections, and they have developed a great system for doing large scale projections on buildings. They do not go into exquisite detail as to how their process works, and some of it is in French, so I can only really guess as to how they are doing it, but its a decent guess.

I am pretty sure they start with a 3D LIDAR scan of the building they will be projecting on, then they build a model from that scan, onto and around which they build their effects. Finally they project the rendered video (and possibly they have developed it to be real time… not sure) onto the building. The 3D model allows them to have great interactivity with the architecture, and the end result is some of the most creative and interesting video art I have ever seen.


incredible effect wink

pretty cool, they must use quite some powerful beamers (i think i saw 2)

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