Lin/Win/Mac anyone? The Beta is coming.


(Release Eminent)


  • Cross-platform - This will work on windows, mac, and linux! Whoo!
  • Filters (dynamic background subtraction, highpass, amplify/scaler, threshold) - This means it’ll work with all optical setups (FTIR, DI, LLP, DSI). More filters can be added later (for optimization), but the current filters work for all setups. Also, you no longer need an ‘invert filter.’ Whether you’re working with dark blobs or light blobs, the tracker will work the same!
  • Camera Switcher - Have more than one camera on your computer? Now you can press a button and switch to the next camera on your computer without having to exit the application.
  • Input Switcher- Want to use test videos instead of a live camera? Go ahead, press a button and it’ll switch to video input.
  • Dynamic Mesh Calibration - For people with small or large tables, now you can add calibration points (for large displays) or create less points (smaller displays) while maintaining the same speed and perfromance.
  • Image Reflection- Now you can flip the camera vertical or horizontal if it’s the wrong way.
  • Network Broadcasting - You can send OSC TUIO messages directly from the configapp for quick testing.
  • Camera and application FPS details viewer - Now you can see the framerate of both the tracker and camera that you’re getting.
  • New GUI - The new interface is more intuitive and easier to understand/use than in the past.
  • GPU Mode - Utilize your GPU engine for accelerated tracking.
  • And there's more?... Cant ruin the surprises though but stay tuned for updates.


Im excited to try the final product! :D

Looking great, can’t wait to try it.  Any idea of a release date.. wink

Dude, been waiting for this for soooo long! Good work!


AWESOME Can’t wait smile

This is incredible guys, I can’t wait for the release, I’ll be checking back every day!


Thanks for the update!  I’m on the edge of my seat...very exciting stuff!

looking brilliant, I cant wait! I cant wait!!

Sweet Jesus, that looks amazing. I cannot wait, this will make MT technology that much more accessible, amazing program!

I am most interested in the GPU switcher and the GUI.

VERY nice… as always

Yay!!! A linux version is exactly what we need!

can’t wait get it!


Thanks so much for the update! Can’t wait for the release, I’ve been dying to have something that is cross-platform with the great performance of Touchlib for quite some time now!

Too bad all these new improvements (GPU acceleration!) will be Mac-only… am I correct?

Oups… My fault I missed the FIRST POINT about this being cross-platform

DUH! My bad!

AWESOME WORK thank you for all the hard work!

Release date?  I have a 18:9 and 1:1 table needing custom calibration points. smile

This is awesome!  Can’t wait… A toast to the geniuses!

I’m soooo excited!

sweet, looks great!  So what is this “GPU Mode” that we see on there?

oops… missed that part… lol

Ohh yeah!

Super, I’ve just got the PS3 Eye working with the Onivision drivers so I am totaly ready to try out your app.

Great things are happening in MT land. When my setup is finished we will start building a new app. I’m thinking about a app to play tradingcard games like Magic The Gatheringtongue laugh

Great News Cerup!

Does the GPU Mode require a CUDA capable card?? I am just about to order a new graphics card for my Multitouch PC, and would normally go for an ATI card, however if CUDA is needed, NVIDIA cards may be the way forward!

Look forward to testing out the new version of Touchlib! Thanks for all your hard work!!

It doesnt require a CUDA card it runs using openGL

I can’t wait till this is out, you guys rock!

Truly amazing, I’m very excited to try it out!

Oh my god, this is wonderful!!!! I can’t wait anymore!! or can I? mhh yes, I have to wait IR leds ordered from china....I’m italian and I’m waiting those leds from the beginning of this month. by the way, I’m able now to use my webcam on linux!! it runs so fast!!! and I would like to use linux for my application instead of windows, because on windows my webcam is too slow!

Guys, this is a really big work! :D :D :D

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